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The Church of Christ was founded by Jesus Christ

Its simple mission:

1) To spread the Gospel of Christ to the world

2) To keep the saved saved...

The Church of Christ is the restoration toward the simplicity and unity found only in Jesus' church. Teaching revealed only by going back to the Bible; passionately speaking where the Bible speaks, and silent where the Bible is silent. 

The Bible is sufficient unto all good works.  All that is required to carry out these two missions can be found within its books.  The Bible warns against changing God's Word.  The Bible was inspired by the Holy Ghost, as He revealed the Lord's truths to the authors of the New Testament.


Christians must worship in Spirit and in truth. However, too often "spirit" is confused with emotionalism.  There is no scriptural authority for this common practice.  The worship service must be orderly, as the Lord's Word is put forth to appeal to our hearts (mind.)  That would therefore necessitate that all worshipers be in control of their faculties and be focused on the revelations of God offered during the service.

We often use "logic" to fill in  where the bible is silent or to reinterpret established scriptures.  Many religious leaders are guilty of this, due to the simple yet uncompromising commands of God. The Bible warns against that as well.  In fact this is the genesis of the overabundance of denominations currently found in the world.  Indeed, the word denomination literally means "division." Most would conclude that God would not design His one church this way.


The Bible speaks to us in a two ways; commands and patterns.  While there is less debate concerning the explicit commands of Jesus and His apostles.  What is less understood is the use of patterns to govern Christian worship.  Simply put, in addition to God's explicit Law, followers are to follow the examples of the first century churches found throughout the New Testament.  Further, we should take heed to the corrections of Paul and others to those same churches.

In terms of understanding God's intentions...


All we have , 

All we need,

All we ever shall receive,

Is found within His Word.

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